J & M Laboratories offers a number of comprehensive test panels designed to target different clinical conditions commonly requested by patients and physicians. Our lab specializes in prompt, accurate, and reliable results. Depending on the test, the sample requirements and duration of test will vary.

Basic Blood Panel for Athletes

Full Blood Panel for Athletes

Nutritional Blood Profile

Complete Urine Drug Panel

Basic Anemia Panel

Basic Blood Panel

Basic blood panel for men

Basic blood panel for women

Basic thyroid panel

Celiac disease panel

Celiac genetic profile

Executive wellness check for men over 40

Executive wellness check for women over 40

Full thyroid panel

Osteoporosis lab profile

First trimester pregnancy lab profile

Sexually transmitted disease lab profile

Lab panel for rheumatic disorders

Lab panel to evaluate liver function

Basic wellness profile for men over 65

Complete wellness profile for men over 65

Panel for Children 0-5 Years of Age

Panel for Children 5-12 Years of Age

Preoperative Test Panel

Female Basic Hormone Panel

Lab Panel for Monitoring Acne Treatment